Hospitality and Technology Systems Solutions (HATSS) Pvt.Ltd, has launched Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) for college Students. We help students and professional understand the career path and offer support post training and refer to our partners for fining them suitable.

The whole world is moving fast in efforts to bridge the knowledge gap between nations states. Many educational cooperation bodies have been organized for this purpose, both at national and continental level, which are providing effective means of sharing educational systems and strategies for human resources development.

Against this backdrop of un-employment post graduation, HATSS has designed Soft Skills Education unique apporach in a diversified manner to educate the students and help them in getting better careers.

We have great challenges to meet, So please join us in and exchange your suggestions and we hope to see in future soft skills education, throughout the country.

We assure quality education and support to our participants and will guide them untill they are placed.

For more details click here to download our Course brochure.

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