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Letter to Principals
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This letter outlines how we can improve College Students Career.

The essence of true education is missing, The selfless loving kindness, genuine compassion, and sincere teaching systems with a Vision no longer exists. Campus Based Recruitment sessions are launched for students with a Concept known as Heart-based Hospitality which restores this missing, timeless essence to the student learning experience, and thereby transforms the education and enhance the spirit of hospitality.

Campus Recruitment Training can transform the education system globally and enhance the students thinking and delivering levels, which current thinking does not believe are possible.

Campus Recruitment Training creates a very different approach among the students, and increases employment rates and produces qualified and dynamic youth in the community because it is based on personal development and energy utilization best practices and ensures that the students develop these dynamic qualities before he leaves the School, College or University – two elements, which are missing from the current education system, The old concept of Classroom Based Teaching System (CBTS) – though as awareness about the importance of these two elements grows, they will become a part of the curriculum and central focus point in teaching strategies to decrease the unemployment rates and enhance quality life among students.

Ideas, paradigms, and concepts come and go, but some linger too long, like the Newtonian worldview upon which the education industry’s guiding concept student career and satisfaction is based. It is well overdue for change.

As this process unfolds, the nature of the teaching experience will return to its spiritual essence in loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care. Unfortunately, though, the leaders of the education industry are preventing the inevitable evolution by not giving up the now obsolete concept of what they believe education should be like.

The current, mechanistic Newtonian worldview, which denies the existence of energy and consciousness in spite of all the evidence, has dominated the education industry for many decades now, even though this worldview was replaced in the early twentieth century by the Quantum, energy-oriented worldview. But even this worldview is evolving in the face of scientific discoveries about energy and consciousness – the same discoveries, which the education industry is ignoring. The result is that the education industry is being left further and further behind, and the student experience concept is still like it is. The principal and the teaching fellowmen have a great responsibility to reap the fruits from the golden age of the student community.

If I may say so, by ignoring the scientific discoveries about consciousness and the energetic nature of human beings and our world; heart energy research generally; and the ancient wisdom about energy found in the monasteries of Tibet and the Andes, and in ancient cultures which still thrive, and in religious texts going back thousands of years; the leaders of the education industry are providing a disservice to mankind by holding back the evolution of hospitality.

The Holy Grail of education is not books and technology, even if it is expected of students / parents to think it is. Technology only provides comfort, convenience, and some entertainment. It does not create the much sought-after kind of emotional connection to the human heart. It does not touch the human heart or meet the growing emotional, energetic, well-being, and healing needs of mankind.

Knowing how to touch the heart; how to heal the heart; how to create in students and parents the soft and gentle feelings of inner peace and happiness; how to create in the students a burning, heartfelt desire to show loving kindness and compassion; and how to change the energetic feel of a man.

There is a far more beautiful future out there for the education industry once it opens its eyes, heart, and mind. There is a pressing need for a new concept of education system, and Heart-Based Hospitality teaching approach provides it in a limitless way because there is no ceiling to the energy of love or consciousness. Current education industry initiatives simply provide new variations of the old and familiar. Change is inevitable and the new path is available. It has always been available in fact, but the education TEACHING SYSTEM is ignoring it because of commercial and revenue minded organizational approach.

I would like to finish by leaving you to consider the following because of its parallel with the education industry.

Energetic Heart-Based Hospitality A.S.K (Attitude. Skills, Knowledge) based on love is one of those concepts, and it is the future of hospitality, even if many leading education groups are reluctant to break away from the current student experience concept. There is no ceiling to what the student experience can feel like and become with it because it is based on love, energy, and consciousness in practical ways.

When educational groups realize that they have come to a dead-end with old concept of Classroom Based Teaching System – CBTS, and that it cannot be improved any further, even by improving efficiency and the CBTS; even by adding more apps; even by incorporating more technology into the teaching system; even by changing the curriculum design etc. ; even by focusing on Empathy; even by creating a new brand; or even by changing the Principal; they will have to explore the only direction left, and they will discover how by using a student development experience concept based on love, energy, and consciousness they can transform the education industry for ever and open up new levels of teaching considered impossible with the education industry’s current worldview.
Why wait for that day? Change is inevitable and the path is available. Would you like to lead the process of change with HATSS : A.S.K (Attitude. Skills, Knowledge) Campus Recruitment Training – HBH Hospitality, which will transform the education industry while reducing your unemployment rate tremendously?

I am sure, after this message the readers will have many questions about the new H.B.H Concept, please feel free to write (irfan@hatsglobal.com) for more clarification and will share whit you the Heart Based Hospitality concept material to explain the concept in detail.

Essence of HBH