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HATSS is dedicated to nurturing and motivate students which empowers students to gain an indigenous as well global perspective within the broad based curriculum and develop critical creative thinking skills, flexibility of approach, ability to perform professionally and serve the industry.

HATSS team caters Placement Support program and introduced a New Concept : A.S.K. – Attitude, Skills, Knowledge Training to Equip Professional Skills module, to educate the students and graduates to enhance all the skills required to match these expectations.

A.S.K. Concept is a comprehensive program which is exclusively designed for the students preparing for recruitment and is geared towards ensuring that the students are well equipped to get through the recruitment process.

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HATSS Main advantage of campus placement is that it supports the students thru partner companies to select best, quality candidates within short time duration. Students can have the advantage of getting a reputed job even before completion of their academic course in college. Increased selection ratio, building company loyalty among students.

Many students develop worthy visions, bring order in their life and community, develop determination and a sense of direction, increase their competence, develop their character and leadership Skills: all leading towards a worthy Vision “Spirit To Serve The Nation”.


Why Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) is necessary?.

With the concept of the global village, engineering graduates as well as other graduates are expected to be presentable, display the right attitude, and to be able to blend with the company’s corporate image. The respective students stand out and gain an excellent soft skills experience during their academic career and qualify for a professional career.

Sandeep and Muhammad Irfan Hussain – Co-Founders, they have more than 30 years of rich experience in education and consulting services and aim to fulfill the above gap in students.

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