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    Welcome speech.

    Distinguished representatives and participants, let me begin by mentioning how pleased I am to be here this evening for the very first meeting of the HATSS Foundation for Quality Soft Skills Education.

    Inaugural meetings always hold special meaning, today’s get together even more, as I know that everyone gathered here share a common passion for improving higher education through cooperation and exchange, across India

    It is an honor to address such a prestigious audience gathered from universities and reputed communities and I extend my warm words of welcome and gratitude for everyone present.

    Just in brief about our hospitality achievement, Today, HATSS encompasses over 22 countries and has trained more than 30,000 hotel employees in and got more than 14 hotels world best hotel awards.

    Along with such activities, there has been a growing demand for access to higher education and cross-border education for soft skills in our Country. So we decided to Cater the educational
    segment in particular, the era’s development of knowledge and information has increased demands for higher education of good quality, which again calls for the important need to seek
    exchange and cooperation within a National framework.

    It is surely upon such recognition that institute like Haramain Shareefain Model University – Founder Prof.Dr.Syed Jahangir had agreed to convene to share further dialogues to us to and assist us in building a better future for the students and citizens of Hyderabad and India at large.

    I must take a moment to thank the HATSS Founding Committee for its many endeavors in establishing the association and organizing today’s event. I believe that a strong foothold will be set for HATSS SOLUTIONS to deliver its services and contribute to the Nation and the World at large.

    The whole world is moving fast in efforts to bridge the knowledge gap between nations states. Many educational cooperation bodies have been organized for this purpose, both at national and continental scales, which are providing effective means of sharing educational systems and strategies for human resources development.

    Against this backdrop, the establishment of the HATSS community implies an encouraging diversification to the process of Soft Skills Education in a diversified manner to educate the students and help them in getting better jobs and elevate their career.

    We have great challenges to meet, so please join us in and exchange your suggestions and we hope to see in future soft skills education, throughout the country.

    Again, I extend my appreciation for your participation and my wishes for a successful opening session that will serve as a medium for quality and innovation in the world of soft skills education. I congratulate every one of this HATSS FAMILY and look forward to the good work this meeting will produce.

    Thank you very much.

    Muhammad Irfan Hussain