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  • Campus Recruitment Training

    HATSS provides campus Recruitment Training for college Students based on content, intelligence and help them to become CORPORATE PROFESSIONALS. These include MBA, HR, SALES, Communication Skills and IT SOFT SKILLS learning platforms. We support sharing knowledge and teach Corporate Soft Skills with latest information Economy. Campus Recruitment training at HATSS is designed to aid candidates

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  • Success Story

    ESTABLISHING COLLEGE FOUNDATION Vivekananda Institutions is renowned for its unique education and dedicated teaching and excellent results. they provide an unforgettable knowledge and skills to their students and deliver personalized educational services. This institution remained in top ten colleges in Hyderabad for MBA batches. Muhammad Irfan Hussain was the Pre opening team member of VIVEKANANDA

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  • Team@HATSS

    HATSS team comprised of professionals with combined experience of over 27 years across multiple industries. HATSS team is highly motivated, ambitious, professional, and has solid technical know how and dedicated to achieve the goals of our clients and deliver the highest level of educational and student support services. We have a deep understanding of Educational

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