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About Us


HATSS  UNIQUE workshops emphasize  result oriented learning that incorporates self-discovery, assessments, and coaching. HATSS  easy-to-apply hospitality tools have the power to transform your skills into professional Careers.Accelerating the movement.We seek to discover champions for learner-centered education, connect them to one another, and create the space for exploration, collaboration, and innovation.

About Us

HATSS is dedicated to nurturing responsive and motivated students / employees through a dynamic and success oriented training and education program. The program empowers employees and students to gain an indigenous as well global perspective on various aspects. Within the broad based curriculum options offered, ample opportunities are provided to develop and assess the critical creative thinking skills, flexibility of approach, ability to work with and serve others, and the grit and fortitude in the face of challenges. A kaleidoscope of extra-curricular activities, support the education programme of the institution to create the ultimate HATSS product- strong confident individuals and active life-long learners.


HATSS is a unique Training institute which offers Training to individuals who want to start a new career as Professional / Managers and Personal Assistants. World class material written by experts, who are not only experienced in the field but also have training skills, aids in mastering the art of true HOTEL Service. HATSS  hires world renowned modern approach to hotel Service and Language professionals. Our training material is customized for our own unique requirements and standards. HATSS standards are above the expected international norm. At HATSS you will undergo a intensive training program which is not only focused on skills, but also on interpersonal relationship management skills within the sophisticated environment of hotel hands on experience

HOW HATSS got its start

Renaissance Consulting Ltd. has merged with HATSS Solutions Pvt. Ltd.The company has merged with HATSS Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to carry out public workshops and on-property training at 5-star hotels in K.S.A., the Middle East, and Asia. We serve hotels, resorts, and educational groups, which want to be well-known in their uniqueness of their service and guest experience, and especially for a guest experience, which is strong in loving kindness, heart-warming care, and compassion.


Thousands of employees and many hotels have used Peter’s services to develop worthy visions, bring order in their hotels and organizations, develop determination and a sense of direction, increase their competence, develop their character and leadership: all leading towards a UNIQUE HBH concept and have won the world nest luxury hotel awards and generating revenue.

Mr. McAlpine set out to find ways to create a guest experience, which was not mechanical in nature or emotionally and energetically flat, and which was also strong in the energy of love and compassion for fellow human beings. Hotels which have implemented Heart-Based Hospitality have benefited in various ways, particularly by increasing their occupancy and revenue. He has helped several hotels to win prestigious international awards, including World Travel Awards. More and more nowadays he is applying the same energetic principles and techniques to helping farmers in Africa.

He has helped with the opening of 26 four-star and five-star hotels and resorts in China, Malaysia, the Maldives, Pakistan, the Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam. and assisted hotels over 25 years in 10 countries.

Peter McAlpine – U.K

    • HATSS provides various workshops for hotel senior managers, team leaders, and employees so that they can create a guest experience that is strong in the core spiritual values of hospitality, and which has a high emotional value.

Peter McAlpine and Muhammad Irfan Hussain – Co-Founders

They have more than 50 years of rich experience in hospitality and consulting services. They have achieved diverse accomplishments in hospitality management and consulting, pre-opening hotels, upgrading the guest experience, and training in India, Saudi Arabia, and in many other countries in hotels, vocational training centres, schools, institutions, and corporate environments. They have enabled hotels to create a unique brand experience, and have provided learning solutions, systems, and best practices, which have enhanced growth and profitability.


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